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Program Completion

Program Completion

We hope your time in the United States was enjoyable and you will return back to America in the near future. This section will provide you with useful information, needed once your reach the end of your program.

Returning Home on Time

The end date on your Form DS-2019 Form is the end date of your program. Once you have reached the end date on your DS-2019 Form, you are no longer eligible to work in the United States. However, there is an additional 30-day grace period during which you can travel, but cannot work. Please note that you can take advantage of the grace period as long as you are not late for the first day of classes at your university back home. Please be aware that if you travel outside the United States during this time, you will not be allowed to re-enter. Also, if you stay longer than the grace period, you may be subject to immigration sanctions.

Note: We strongly advise that you return home at the end of the program and on time for the first day of school. Failure to do so might jeopardize any future participation in this program.

CSB not make flight arrangements and cannot assist in making any travel reservations or ticket changes. Please call your airline with any changes. We recommend that you confirm your flight two days before departure from the United States.

Last Paycheck

Paychecks are issued one week after work is completed. Therefore, when you leave you may have one more paycheck to collect.

To receive this last check, you must leave either a US bank deposit slip OR a self-addressed and stamped envelope with enough stamps to be delivered in your home country. Your supervisor will mail it to you once it is issued. We recommend you use a mailing option that has a tracking number (see United States Post Office). Note: CSB or the employer cannot cover the mailing cost of the last paycheck.

Form W-2

Prior to leaving the United States, you must provide your employer with your mailing address in your home country. This is very important because at the end of the year, your employer will be sending you a Form W-2 - Wage and Tax Statement. You can expect your Form W-2 to be mailed to you in January. This form will summarize the total amount of wages earned and taxes paid during your time in the United States. You will need this form when you file your Tax Return as a Non-Resident Alien.

We encourage all students to file a timely tax return as you may be entitled to receive a tax refund from the United States government.

The participants are able to file their taxes on their own or they may choose to use the services of taxback.com (there is however a fee for their services). Please carefully read the instructions on the next page before making a decision. All tax returns must be filed by April 15 of each year.

Tax Return

All Summer Work Travel participants must pay state and federal taxes to the United States government and in case the amount of their earnings is above the tax free allowance they must file a tax return. We encourage all participants to file a timely tax return as they may be entitled to receive a tax refund from the United States government.

The participants are able to file their taxes on their own or they may choose to use the services of taxback.com. Taxback.com is not affiliated with CSB, although we do recommend their services. A link to the taxback.com website is listed below.

For further, more detailed information on taxes owed and tax returns please refer to the participant handbook.